3 Tips For Buying Cheap Yorkies

By | Jun 14, 2010

Looking to buy a reasonably priced yorkie for sale?  Is it time to add a new yorkshire terrier puppy to your family?  We will give you tips to make sure you have all your grounds covered when buying a yorkie dog!

1.  Decide what you are looking for –  Do you want a yorkie puppy or a yorkie dog?  Are you ready to add a dog to the family(and the responsibilities that come with it)?   Are you looking for a tiny yorkie(more expensive) or a normal-sized one(cheap yorkies).  Do you require papers and an excellent bloodline(more expensive) or simply a new little friend to play with the kids?  Would you like to help the world out and adopt a yorkie dog or are you looking for a puppy?

2.  Yorkie Health –  Price is not everything, and you will want to make sure that your puppy’s parents did not have genetic health issues if possible.  Generally the previous owner or breeder is required to tell you if there have been any issues with the parents.  If possible, ask to see them and verify their good health.  This will also give you a sneak peek into what your new yorkie puppy may look like =)  Many puppy deformities happen at birth but are not immediately noticeable.  Take the time to play with your new pet friend before taking him/her home, or ask for a one day trial period so you can see how your yorkshire does around your family.

2.  Shop Around –  There is a ton of places to buy a cheap yorkie.  However many breeders and sellers are very shady so you will need to be very careful when selecting your yorkie.   Most average yorkies are priced around $550 for a male and $700 for a female.  Usually anything above has “exquisite bloodlines” or is over-priced.

Please Please Please do not buy your yorkshire terrier from a puppy farm.  This is a place where the dogs are treated very poorly and kept in small kennels with no playtime or interaction.  This type of yorkie dog may grow up to bite or be anti-social.  If you are buying from a pet store ask where they get their puppies from as many of them do in fact get them from puppy farms.  I would suggest buying your cheap yorkies from a breeder that really cares about here pups.  It may work out if they have children that have played with the puppies on a regular basis.

Start in your local newspaper classifieds as they may have yorkies for sale.  A search on google for “yorkie breeders” should bring back several local results with puppies available.  If it works out for your situation I would highly recommend that you adopt a yorkie instead.  This may take a special kind of family but it is often cheaper and can be even more rewarding.

Please bookmark us and continue to read after you have decided on and purchased your new yorkshire terrier!

Sticky: Yorkie Training

By | Jun 9, 2010

Yorkie’s truly are a loveable little breed.  So much pep, so much spunk.  Sometimes too much.  They will be the alpha in your family if you do not take yorkie training seriously.  This blog will be set up to give prospective owners, new owners, and seasoned owners essential tips and necessary guidance to keep our little friends under control.

The story goes that yorkshire terriers were once bred to flush rats out in Europe.  That energy and persistance has carried over into their desire to be a simple lap dog.  Most yorkies will stop at nothing for attention and crave owner interaction.  This is great and I wouldn’t change it for anything else, but it is important to make sure you let them know who is boss.

One of the key tips is to get to know your yorkie.  While many of the terriers carry the same qualities, yorkies are as unique as human beings.  Getting to know his/her personality will allow you to understand what makes them happy, sad, upset, scared, etc.

I will explain many effective yorkie training tips and tricks through out this blog.  However, there is one guide that is a must have for every person who has or is thinking about getting a yorkshire terrier.  This is Yorkshire Terriers for Dummies.

Yorkshire Terriers for Dummies is not just for dummies, it is jam-packed full of useful information for anyone interested in the breed.  It explains how to find the right yorkie for you and once you decide, how to get your home ready for your newest addition.  It has a simple breakdown of how to ensure your yorkie is getting proper exercise and different ways to entertain your little buddy.

Most importantly, the book will teach you many yorkie training methods.  These include potty training, which most owners find is the most difficult and frustrating part of training a yorkie.  You will learn how to stop one of the other major problems with small breeds – barking.  All these essentials and more are covered inside this easy to read guide.

Now, returning to the work I will be doing here.  Please stop back and check this blog on a regular basis to receive new tips on yorkie training.

5 Tips For Potty Training Your Yorkie

By | May 25, 2010

While yorkshire terriers are notorious for being smart, they can also be notoriously difficult to potty train.  However I have compiled 10 effective tips and best practices that can ease this trouble for you.

1. Persistence Persistence Persistence – Do not give up.  Potty training is a time consuming process but is well worth saving your carpet or floors.  It is key that you continually work with your puppy to ingrain good potty habits in their head.

2.  Consistency – Yorkies like predictability and routine.  It is important that you do the same thing every time so your furry little friend knows what to expect.

3.  Plan – Make sure everyone in your household takes part in “the potty training plan”.  Agree that you will take her out every other hour or so at the latest and stick to it.  You could also agree that any time you see your yorkie eating/drinking you will let them outside 15 minutes after.  A plan for the family will make sure that everyone is onboard with the training.

4.  Patience – You must try not to lose your cool when potty training your yorkshire terrier.  Often times they will react with fear which shuts down the learning part of their brain.  Not good.  The most effective learning takes place when they are pleased with pleasing you.  Reinforce good  behavior with rewards, Punish by turning away and ignoring them for a bit.  Your yorkie will soon get the idea.

5.  Indoor/Outdoor – Teach your yorkie to ring a bell or stand by the door when nature calls.  If you require her to touch the bell or sit by the door for a short period before you go out she will soon associate the two actions.  And of couse, it doesn’t hurt that a job well done outside means a well-desereved treat!

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